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With ever increasing energy prices, you can now make the most of solar energy when you add a Solar Battery Storage System as these store unused electricity that you have generated through the day, to then use at night when the majority of the demand usually takes place. Battery technology is available for new installations and can be retrofitted to an existing array. It is estimated that around 50% of the electricity generated by households is exported back to the main electrical grid. The estimated figure is significantly higher and at least 65% of the electricity being generated is exported back to the main electrical grid. The conclusion being that when the solar PV panels are producing electricity during the day, the household is likely to be unoccupied with little, if any electrical usage. The solar battery storage inverter automatically feeds any unused electricity into a battery store unit; the electricity is then re-used to power appliances throughout the property when the solar panels stop generating electricity.


Generate solar power during the day for use in the home, when the background load is satisfied, charge your batteries with free, clean solar energy. Discharge your stored energy during the evening when the sun has gone down, charge your batteries back up over night on a cheaper tariff. SolaX Power is a manufacturer of solar pv and battery solutions; we do not install solar energy systems. We have the upmost confidence in our products and firmly believe that the value they bring is a strong enough reason for you to upgrade to SolaX Power. SolaX products are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest global standards.


If you have an electric vehicle or are looking at purchasing one, why not charge it up from your free, clean, generated solar energy? With any excess power stored in your batteries, you can charge your EV up overnight enabling you to truly become energy independent and further increase your ROI on not only your solar system but also on the purchase of your electric vehicle. SolaX Power Hybrid & chargers are compatible with any EV available on the market today.

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