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solar panels with batteries

Solar power battery storage system

You don’t need to install batteries for your solar panels to function, but a battery can help you get the most out of the energy your panels produce.

Solar panels will generate electricity when the sun is shining, and this solar power may be used instead of buying it from your energy supplier. These panels, on the other hand, do not function at night (when you use the most energy). So what happens after that?

If you don’t have a battery, your electricity will revert to being supplied by the national grid, which will cost you money. You can utilize any extra energy stored in your battery at night if you have one. This minimizes the amount of time you rely on the grid for power.

What is self consumption?

Solar panels are intrinsically linked to the idea and function of self- consumption.

Solar panels are designed to help homeowners generate their own electricity. You may fulfil your energy requirements by utilizing your domestic appliances when the sun is out during the day. But when night falls and your solar panels have shut down for the day, you will be reliant on energy suppliers for everything you require.

Batteries address this problem by storing surplus power for later use when your solar panels are unable to generate any green energy.

What are the main benefits of solar panels with batteries?

Solar battery storage systems are an important component in fully eliminating the dependency on grid energy and provide a number of positive features.

Solar panels are completely non-polluting and generate 100% renewable power, but this energy source is entirely dependent on the time of day.

Battery storage

Battery storage solves this by storing the extra energy created, allowing you to use less of the UK national grid’s power supply. Thanks to their efficiency, battery storage may be the cornerstone for unsubsidised residential PV systems going forward. According to a recent research, battery storage increases self-consumption above 50 percent; it could also be the foundation for future unsubsidised household PV systems.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MSC) offered further information, with an average household using 35-50% of the produced system without a battery. Battery storage, on the other hand, could push this figure up to 80%! Rates are determined by whether you spend most of your time at home.

Saving money

While a conventional solar PV system may help you reduce energy consumption during the day, solar battery storage can discharge the stored electricity at night, giving you renewable-generated power for free.

In central England, a 9.6 kWh solar battery storage system (with 12 x 315W panels) may allow you to use up to 30% more of the energy produced by your solar panels and save over £560 per year on your energy bills, according to E.ON.

Energy Independent

With your solar panels and a home battery, you may be more independent from the electricity grid by generating your own power and storing your excess onsite..

To earn more money from their consumers, energy providers constantly increase the cost of their services.

Purchasing a solar battery is one of the most significant steps you can take toward off-grid self-sufficiency because it lowers your energy costs to the supply companies and grid operators.


You may save money by being more self-sufficient from the UK power grid.

If you use more of your own generated power and require less from the grid, the influence of rising energy costs will be reduced to some degree.

Retrofitting batteries

It’s not a problem if you already have solar panels at your home you can simply connect a solar battery to an existing solar PV system.

When attached to your solar panel system, the solar battery must be AC-coupled or DC-coupled, depending on the type of inverter utilized by your solar panels.

If your PV system includes a microinverter, the solar battery must be AC-coupled. This is the less expensive option as you will not have to replace the inverter, and installation is relatively straightforward.

We can help

If you have an existing solar panel system then we can help install a battery system that is going to be efficient in storing un-used solar energy from the day in your home.

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