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solar panel inverter replacement cost uk

Solar Panel Inverter Replacement

So lets look at the cost of solar panel inverter replacement in the UK. But first what is a solar panel inverter and what is its job?

What is a solar panel inverter?

Without an inverter, a solar energy system would be useless. It’s a device that changes direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity so that it can be used by the electrical grid.


DC electricity is always flowing in one direction at a constant voltage.


AC electricity alternates direction as the voltage changes from positive to negative. Inverters are an example of a class of devices called power electronics that regulate electrical power.

DC to AC conversion

An inverter performs the DC-to-AC conversion by switching a DC input back and forth very quickly. As a result, a DC input becomes an AC output. Filters and other electronics may also be used to generate a pure, repeating sine wave that can be fed into the power grid with variable voltage.

Over time, the sine wave is a form or pattern that the voltage takes, and it’s the pattern of power that the grid may use without causing harm to electrical equipment that is designed to operate at specific frequencies and voltages.

Solar power inverter replacement

It’s not just about replacing a faulty inverter its mostly about improving your efficiency rating for your solar panel system. Replacing your solar power inverter can add an additional 15% to 25% to the efficiency of your system.

To enable us to carry out a solar panel inverter replacement we will need to obtain information from you first such as what your current solar installation is along with what type of solar panel inverter you have installed.

Once we have this information we will carry out an onsite assessment to ensure that we have everything covered. It is at this stage that we can safely remove your existing inverter and replace it with a new one. Normally this process can be done on the same day as the survey.

The cost

There are a range of solar power inverters to choose from and we will very much be on hand to advise you about the best one to suit your system. Inverters range from £500 through to over £1,000 so it is vitally important that we get the selection right for you to give you the best return on investment that we can.

Speak to the experts

Still unsure? We have a no obligation policy here at Evergreen Solar Power and we are very transparent with our pricing too. As we have mentioned already, replacing a solar power inverter can be a costly exercise so it is always wise to speak with an expert first. We can help you not only decide what’s best for your system but also advise on the best solution that is going to give you the most effective return on investment.

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