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How much is solar

If you are looking for a solar panel installer UK based then we can help you navigate the costs and installation concerns.

Solar panels cost between £1,250 and £1,750 per kWp when they are installed, depending on the roof access expenses, the roof covering and the slope of the roof. A typical domestic 4kWp system will set you back around £6,500.

The payback period is around 15 years when you compare the cost of investment to the savings on your energy costs delivered by a 4kWp system. The panels will last approximately 25 years with one inverter replacement (with the exception of high-powered solar systems). In most cases, the return over 25 years is in the neighbourhood of 9 percent (IRR%).

This is not taxable, so it compares very favourably to any other investment, especially one that relies only on the sun.

The cost of the grid per unit is 19 pence for most homeowners, and it’s going to rise…. and up. Solar energy’s unsubsidised cost per kWh was just 10 pence. That’s certainly worth shouting about!

What is the process of having solar panels installed

We are solar panel experts with a wealth of experience in the field. We perform a site survey and analyse your property’s suitability before beginning work. From this, we can determine where your solar panels should be placed and how many should be installed.

You want your solar panels to face south, east, or west to capture the most sunshine. Solar panels do not require planning permission, but you must make sure that they aren’t taller than the highest point on your home.

Your solar panels should last roughly 25 years when they are installed correctly. Do you want to know how solar panels might benefit your property? Call us now and chat with one of our specialists about it.

How do they work

Solar panels are made up of solar cells, which capture and convert sunlight into electricity.

Fortunately for us, the cells do not require direct sunlight to function and may be used on days when it is overcast.

The panels produce electricity in DC, so we connect a converter to convert it to AC, which allows the electricity to be utilized throughout your house or exported to the grid. A single panel may generate as much as 350W of power – enough to run a blender! Homes can generally accommodate between 10 and 15 solar panels, which may supply enough energy for several appliances during the day. To discover how you might benefit from solar cells, contact us now.

Why use Evergreen Solar Power

With us, you get that personal touch along with years of expertise and experience that comes with 100’s of full installations.

We are highly enthusiastic about solar technology, and our solutions all feature top-notch technology that has been tailored to your specific demands.

We do not employ pushy salespeople; instead, we have knowledgeable experts who are enthusiastic about utilizing solar energy. We’ll provide you with a solar PV installation that is both technically sound and cost-effective. Our quotations are comprehensive and transparent, with no hidden expenses.

We offer long-term maintenance and repairs for PV systems, which means we are here to assist you and your system for the duration of its life.

All of our solar panel installations are managed and performed by our in-house solar panel installers.

Compliment your solar panels with batteries

We recommend that you consider battery storage if you are installing solar PV.

You may use your stored energy from solar batteries to power your home during peak sunshine hours, or in the event of a power outage. You can use smart rates to save even more by purchasing low-cost off-peak electricity and selling when demand is high.

The 0% VAT rate applicable to solar PV installation will also apply to battery storage systems if batteries are installed at the same time as solar PV. Furthermore, purchasing an all-in-one inverter/charger results in a cost savings of over £1,000. Installing battery storage at the same time as solar reduces overall costs by over £1,000, rather than retrofitting it afterward.

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