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Solar Inverter Replacement

When do I need to replace my inverter?

When thinking about solar inverter replacement, keep in mind that any inverter will need to be replaced after it has outlived its warranty period or has been damaged. Typically, a solar inverter lasts approximately 10-12 years after installation.

Grid-tied inverters may be connected directly to your home’s mains power distribution for continual solar energy generation.

Any inverter installation should include more DC switches and additional AC isolation switches on the AC side.

Any works should always be carried out by qualified experts, in accordance with the electrical standards and rules.

Can I replace myself and do I need permission?

Yes, you can replace your inverter if you’re a competent at DIY. However, if you have any questions about any of the steps or something doesn’t add up, please do not go ahead and call us.

Please double-check that your inverter is not the problem. Many individuals jump to the conclusion that it’s “definitely” their inverter, and in some cases they’ve been lied to by an unscrupulous salesperson (usually claiming to be an engineer) who tells them it’s the inverter at fault.

Before you buy, please contact us for assistance if you’re not 100% sure it’s the inverter; let’s get it right the first time.

In order to replace an inverter, you don’t need any permissions. The solar panels and generation meter are the only things that concern your Feed in Tariff provider; they’re not concerned with inverter replacements.

Remember if in doubt please call us for advice and or to carry out the solar inverter replacement for you.

Below are the steps to carry out a solar inverter replacement

Switch everything off

To begin, turn off the AC and DC isolators. The AC isolator is often red in colour and has a rotary handle, while the DC isolator/s is generally black in colour and has a rotary knob.

DC isolators aren’t required in all installations, but they’re built into the inverter instead.

Certain installations aren’t at all legal, so if there’s anything that doesn’t match this description, please send us a photo.

Disconnect your old inverter

Disconnect the old inverter’s DC and AC connections next. The DC connections are typically connected to the inverter.

There are four distinct types of DC connector. MC4, MC3, Sunclix, and Solarlok are the most popular ones.

The majority of inverters use MC4 connections. If yours are in good working order, they simply need to be unplugged. The prongs of the female connector lock the MC4s in place. To release them, pinch them together and pull out the plug. Usually this may be done by hand, however on occasion a tiny screwdriver or other tool is required.

If your inverter has a different type of connection (e.g. SMA, Delta, an older Power One, some Samil, or Eversolar), the connections must be converted to MC4s. Replacement cables with pre-installed MC4 connections should be purchased. These can be used to replace the current cables that are difficult to extract. As a result, it is not necessary to unplug non-MC4 connectors if they are proving impossible to pull out; simply disable them from the DC isolator instead

If your inverter has DC connections that are directly wired (e.g., a Fronius model), you’ll need the associated wires.

If your inverter already has an AC (mains) connection, it will most likely be in the form of a plug. It may have a collar to turn to release it if it’s connected via a plug, or just a strong pull to remove it from the inverter. If you’re hardwired, you’ll need to get rid of the inverter.

Change the inverter

Even if the make and model of your inverter are the same, you’ll need to remove the old one from the wall after it’s disconnected. Most inverters include a wall mounting bracket that must be removed before installing the new unit.

Complete the job

If you’ve completed the preceding stages, simply hang the inverter on its bracket and connect it in.

Or let us do it for you

Carrying out a solar inverter replacement must be done correctly to ensure that the warranty remains intact. There is also the danger that if done incorrectly your system will not be as efficient as it needs to be.

We can of course carry out this procedure for you which will provide you with peace of mind that the job has been done by professional and knowledgeable engineers.

Contact us via our contact form or send us an email to find out how we can help with your inverter replacement.

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