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Battery Installation


One of the biggest problems with solar panels is that they only produce electricity when there’s light outside. Usually, this is when you’re not at home because of daytime activities like work and kid’s sports. Clouds and shade can also reduce the output of solar panels, causing your home to have to draw off the grid if it’s using too much electricity. With a battery, the energy that your solar panels create that isn’t used at the time of its generation gets stored. You can use the stored energy at night or doing those cloudy times when you’re at home without having to draw off the grid.

With ever increasing energy prices, you can now make the most of solar energy when you add a Solar Battery Storage System as these store unused electricity that you have generated through the day, to then use at night when the majority of the demand usually takes place. Battery technology is available for new installations and can be retrofitted to an existing array. It is estimated that around 50% of the electricity generated by households is exported back to the main electrical grid. The estimated figure is significantly higher and at least 65% of the electricity being generated is exported back to the main electrical grid. The conclusion being that when the solar PV panels are producing electricity during the day, the household is likely to be unoccupied with little, if any electrical usage. The solar battery storage inverter automatically feeds any unused electricity into a battery store unit; the electricity is then re-used to power appliances throughout the property when the solar panels stop generating electricity.

Inverter Replacement


Unfortunately with string inverters, if one of your solar panels goes out, then the rest of the system goes down. This occurs because string inverters treat a group of panels as if it were a single large panel, meaning any problems with one panel are felt across the entire string. The good news is, the solar industry has evolved over the last ten years and if you would like to generate more power, upgrading your solar system from string inverters to optimizers would be a great idea.

The solar inverter is the hardest-working part of your solar panel system. It ensures that your solar panels generate as much electricity from the sun as they can by converting DC electricity to AC. But like any hard-working component, they are likely to fail after some years of use. Occasionally Inverters may develop a fault over time or stop working all together, if your solar inverter has stopped working or it’s simply time to invest in a new solar inverter, we have got it all covered. A solar panel inverter converts the direct current (DC) electricity produced by your solar panels into alternating current (AC) for your home to use. Most inverters will do this with a 93-96% efficiency, but certain newer types can have an efficiency rating between 97-99%. The cost of the solar inverter is the biggest cost of a solar panel system after the panels themselves. Solar inverters are responsible for more operational functions than any other component in your PV system. Investing in a reliable solar inverter is as vital as investing in the right kind of panels. You need to take the potential power output and conversion efficiency into consideration before deciding.

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