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Cleaning solar panels

What to do when cleaning solar panels

Lets talk about what you need to look out for and what you need to do when Cleaning solar panels.

So you have had your solar panels up on your roof for a while and you have noticed that you are not getting as much power out of them like you used to. Firstly make sure that you don’t have any new obstructions to the sun getting through such as overgrown trees etc. A simple visual inspection from the ground will normally suffice for this purpose.

If there is no obvious new obstruction then look at the panels themselves. Is there a build up of debris or do they look dirty to the naked eye. If this is the case then you will need to think about cleaning your solar panels.

Stop! Don’t use chemicals!

At first it may be an obvious statement to wash your solar panels gently and without too much use of chemicals. You would be surprised at how many people simply grab the strongest external cleaner they can lay their hands on and then proceed to wreck their solar panels. Cleaning your solar panels with strong chemicals is highly in-advisable as not only can this cause irreparable damage it can seriously reduce even further the output of your solar panels themselves.

Use warm water only

We would always recommend using only warm water to clean your solar panels. Most cleaning products come as detergent based and will carry with them a certain amount of chemicals. These chemicals can affect the performance of your solar panels and in some cases will negate any warranty you may have.

Always use soft water

If you haven’t got a water softener in your home then using bottled water would be an alternative. In some places within the UK and especially on the south coast the water can be quite hard and chalky. By cleaning your solar panels with hard chalky water, there is a risk of leaving a residue which can impede the function of your solar panels. If you can, always use software water on your solar panels.

Use a soft cloth

Using a scouring pad or any other abrasive cloth or sponge can scratch your solar panels. It is always advisable to use a soft sponge and or cloth to clean your solar panels. Think of your solar panels like a car’s paintwork. You would not use a scouring pad on your car right?


Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when cleaning your solar panels. In fact anything to do with getting up on a ladder or accessing your roof should be done with extra care and attention. Where possible, use a long pole with a soft cloth attached to it, don’t be tempted to walk on ridge tiles as these are prone to slippage.

Use a professional company

If in any doubt or if you have any concerns about cleaning your solar panels, please consider using a professional company to carry out your solar panel cleaning. Most companies will carry out this work efficiently and cleanly. In any case, please make sure that you ask the right questions which hopefully we have given you here in this article.

We can clean your solar panels

Of course we can clean your solar panels for you and we will always ensure that we carry out the work both in a timely manner and ensuring that we clean up after ourselves. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and always work within health and safety guidelines at all times.

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