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Voltage Optimisers: The Secret to Lower Electric Bills?

Electric Bills

Are you tired of getting electric bills that are higher than you’d like? Do you feel like your monthly electricity usage is in the stratosphere, but there’s nothing you can do about it? If so, then voltage optimisers may be just what you need. At evergreen solar, we offer voltage optimisers as a service for customers who want to save money and increase their energy. Read on to find out more about these helpful little devices and why they could be the key to reducing your electric bills.

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What is a Voltage Optimiser?

Simply put, a voltage optimiser helps lower your electricity bills by stabilizing and optimizing the flow of power in your home. This device works by monitoring the voltage received from the electric grid and then regulating it according to what your appliances need. Doing this, reduces the amount of energy lost during transmission, thus saving you money. It also prevents any power surges or spikes that might harm your electrical appliances or cause them to malfunction prematurely. Our team offers this as an additional extra when purchasing solar panels so you can enjoy lowered bills.

How Does It Work?

The voltage optimiser regulates the incoming AC power from the grid using an internal transformer. This transformer adjusts the incoming current so that it is at an optimal level for use in appliances and other electronics in your home. This process helps to reduce energy wastage, as well as improving the performance of the appliances that you are using. The optimiser also monitors for any unwanted spikes or surges in voltage and cuts them off before they can cause any harm to your appliances. By using a voltage optimiser, you will be able to save up to 20% on electricity costs. That means more savings for you!

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    Voltage optimisers are an effective way of reducing electricity costs while making sure that all of your appliances are protected from power surges or spikes. Not only does it monitor and regulate incoming AC from the grid, but it also helps prevent costly damage to electrical devices due to sudden changes in current strength. So if you want to start saving money on electric bills right away, then investing in a voltage optimiser might be a great idea! Don’t wait, contact our team today!

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