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best battery for solar panels

Battery for your solar power system

In previous articles, we have discussed what solar batteries are all about so lets now talk about finding the best battery for your solar panel system.

So you have entered into the solar energy market and would like to enhance your system to store energy for later use. This is where the solar power battery systems come in to play. Storing power for later use that would otherwise be sent back to the grid is a very economical way of conserving energy and saving money off your utility bills.

What to look for

There are many complicated product specifications that you will come across when selecting your battery storage solution. The main ones to look out for are:

  • DoD which stands for Depth of Discharge
  • Capacity and power
  • The efficiency of the battery
  • The warranty


Did you know that overusing your solar battery can diminish its lifespan? This is because most solar batteries are made of chemicals that need to be constantly kept at a certain level. For example, if you use up all 100 percent of your battery’s charge, it won’t work as well in the future and will die much sooner.

The depth of discharge (DoD) of a battery is the amount of capacity that has been used by a battery. The maximum DoD is usually specified by most manufacturers in order to optimize performance. If a 10 kWh battery’s DoD is 90%, you should not use more than 9 kWh of power before recharging it. In general, utilizing a greater degree of discharge enables you to utilize more of your battery’s capacity.

Capacity and Power

The total amount of electricity that a solar battery can store is called capacity, which is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Home solar batteries are usually stackable, which means you can include more than one battery with your system to get additional capacity.

A battery’s capacity expresses how much energy it has, but it doesn’t tell you how much electricity a battery can generate at any one moment. You must also consider the battery’s power rating in order to get the full picture. A power rating is a measurement of a solar battery’s ability to deliver electricity over time. It is measured in kilowatts (kW).

A battery with a large capacity and a low power rating would provide little power (enough to power a few essential appliances) for an extended period of time. A battery with a small capacity and a high power rating can operate your whole home for a few hours, but it cannot keep it going indefinitely.


The round-trip efficiency of a battery indicates what percentage of the energy used to store it can be accessed. For example, if you put five kWh into your battery and can only get four kWh back, then the battery has 80 percent round-trip efficiency (4 / 5 = 80%). As a general rule, batteries with higher round-trip efficiencies are more valuable.

The Warranty

Like your cell phone battery, home energy storage batteries will gradually lose their charge-holding abilities as they are used more frequently.

The number of cycles a battery can endure is determined by the product’s technical specifications. A battery may be warranted for 5,000 cycles or 10 years at 70 percent of its original capacity, for example. At the end of the warranty period, the battery will have lost no more than 30% of its full energy capability.

Solar batteries are warranted for a specific amount of cycles and/or years of usefulness. The majority of manufacturers will guarantee that the battery retains a specific percentage of its capacity throughout the duration of the warranty. As a result, to ask about how long your solar battery will last, you must consider the type of battery you choose and how much capacity it will lose over time

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